China Visa Services in Nigeria. Application, Requirements, Canton Trade fair as low as N150,000

“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” – Saint Augustine

When I decided to visit China, the decision was made out of business necessity – I had to take the trip so that our companys' travel division –  and could sell the destination better.

That adventure led to the publishing of my book – My First Trip to China for First time visitorsbased on my experience as a business traveler, going out to experience a completely new world 16hours away from home. And based on hours of interviews with first time travelers like myself.

While that book explores interesting areas of visiting and doing business with China including Visa Application Matters, The Best Places To Stay In China for Business, How To Make Profit from Your China Trip, The Factory Connection, Most Popular China Products Amongst Nigerian Importers, Where to Buy One Billion Products in China, The Language

Hotel Experiences, About Stuff In Your Hotel Room, The Banking Experience, Changing Money In China, Extra Luggage and Flight Palava, Moving Around in China, About Traffic In China, The People, The Atmosphere, Attending and Registering for The Trade Fair, this article

today throws a spotlight on how you can take advantage of the pocket friendly China business visa and travel solutions from and how you can join us to attend the upcoming Tradefair in China.

All travel has its advantages. If the passenger visits better countries, he may learn to improve his own.” – Samuel Johnson

China is not a place you visit without purpose and detailed plans. If you venture there without a plan or purpose, you are likely to end up with an unprofitable journey. This is why we have taken the headache out of the planning for our clients.

3 Ways To Achieve Your

Travel to China Goals

As of the time of this article, we have 3 solutions designed to help you achieve your travel-to-china goals. These 3 solutions include:

  • Tradefair Package
  • Market and Shopping Package
  • Visa Package

Tradefair Package: This is the most popular of our packages, amongst first time travelers to China. It is a 14 days trip, that includes accommodation for the entire trip, fast-track assisted registration for the tradefair, transportation to and fro the fair, visitation to local markets, return flight ticket, two way meet and greet at the airport, airport pick up, guaranteed visa permit, and local guide.

This package is popular because it puts all our first time travelers at ease, it quips them with the experience to return to china confidently on their own and provides them with information for profitable business decisions throughout their trip.

Market and Shopping Package: This package is for you if all you need is local guidance while in China. Typically, people who choose this package take care of their own accommodation, flight and visa. They meet up with us in China where we take them to the local markets dealing in the products and goods they are interested in.

It is possible to visit China for donkey years and still not get it right in terms of sourcing products from the most profitable markets. We use our experience and expertise to work with businesses and their owners to get their products from the cheapest sources in China.

Visa Procurement Package: This is for you if all you need is the assurance of a successful visa application leading to the issuance of a genuine business visa, whether you are a first time or seasoned traveler.


The Best Time To Apply For

A China Visa

We encourage our clients to visit China around the period of the tradefairs so that they can get to experience both the tradefair and the local market, and so they can have a wider range of product selection – both from the tradefair and the local market. You should consider doing the same too.

As a result, applications for any of the packages above open and close bi-annually.  If you plan to travel for the April tradefair your application should be submitted between October the previous year to 15th February of the year you plan to travel. If you plan to travel for the October tradefair, then your application should be submitted between May to 30th July of the year you plan to travel.

Because of the challenges of visa application and logistics, we don’t compromise on our 15th February and 30th July deadline for those interested in the Tradefair package.

These packages have been designed to be friendly to the pocket. Starting as low as N150, 000 you can take advantage of the services.

How To Start Today

You can start by requesting for the application forms and how to make payments – click here

If you need to ask more questions, you can contact us by email or phone today – Click here

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2 comments on “China Visa Services in Nigeria. Application, Requirements, Canton Trade fair as low as N150,000
  1. Boniface Ogwo says:

    Can I still be considered for a China Business Visa to attend the Canton Fair of October, 2015?

    There is something I want to buy for the Xmas sesonal sales. I am a first timer.

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