New Contact To Cargo Your Goods From China

Hi Everyone,

Recently I have been getting emails from forum members about the dificulty being faced with shipping their goods (especially phones) from China.

Well one of our Forum members, who went with us to the April 2014 China Trade Fair, discovered a new contact for Shipping your goods.

According to our forum member (she will introduce her self below and tell us about her experience in China) this is how it works:

Shipping of goods = $4.80 per Kilo

Clearing your goods when it gets to Lagos is N300 per kilo

These frieght forwarders are Ibo guys and they have offices in Balogun Market, Alaba Market, Onitsha, and Airport Road in Lagos.

Best of all, they deliver your goods to Nigeria within a week..our member shipped shoes and phones….excitement..ok..

Our forum member will take it from here and tell you the contact details of these guys and about her experience in China



Dear Forum Pals,

This is Julie writing live from China.

My China experience has been awesome – from the Canton Fair (massive place), to my trips to the various local markets, the factories, the manufacturers and even their metro-line system. Honestly, the systems here, despite the huge population (1,355,692,544 people), are well planned and well-coordinated.

Now, getting my China visa was without much stress as Efe had done most of the homework ahead of time. My “agro” was the waiting time at the embassy but the moment it was my turn to be interviewed, I did not spend up to 5mins with the Visa Consular.

My visa came out within a week and every other thing fell in place and I was airborne for the 14 long hour’s journey to China. The 14hour journey was quite smooth and momentous.

When I arrived in China, typically, the taxi guy that picked me up was allergic to English Language as he could not communicate one single word in English. So, all he did was to hold my name written out on a placard at the arrival hall and took me straight to my hotel. As soon as I got to the hotel, I met with team members and delegates from other countries who could speak English. The hotel is a 4star hotel with beautiful lovely grounds, lush green setting with beautiful gym and pool. And, there were at least eighteen (18) expats to network with at every breakfast and dinner.

Pally, if your ultimate plan in life is to do business big time (even though you may have to start small now) then China should be on your top-most agenda of the countries you must visit.

My candid opinion is that, even if you are not sure of what you want to deal in, a visit to the China Canton Fair will spur you into action. All you need to do is visit the Canton Fair, see all the different array of products and/or services available, make firm arrangements with the manufacturers, then return to Nigeria to look for market for any product(s) that tickled your fancy. Once you have found the market (which is ever-ready), you can then place your orders with the manufacturer(s), get your goods shipped or cargoed to you in Nigeria and meeennn!!, you are on your way to making your cooooolllll millions.

As you can see, I could not afford to stay in the comfort of my 4star hotel room all day so, I got to go out into the streets and markets where the trades are happening. I went to JI LONG Wholesale Shoe Market, HUI MEI Wholesale Market, TIANHE Computer Market, etc. These are expansive manufacturers’ markets and you know what?? You buy/order your stuffs from these markets and they are delivered directly to your hotel/cargo agent without you having to lift/carry a bag.

Another remarkable thing ServiceForts did was to provide me with a local guide in person of one pretty Chinese babe. Ofcourse, I could not have been able to the access the local markets without a well-grounded “omo-onile” guide who knows the nooks and crannies of China added to the fact that English Language is big “homework” for the Chinese People. She graciously took me to quite a number of markets for both sight-seeing and business. Like the saying goes, “all work and no play, makes Jill a dull girl” we did have a couple of seat-outs and some fun time at a Roller-Costa Park.

Do you know my amazing discovery in China?? That you can cargo all your goods to Nigeria at a very minimal cost and it will arrive in Nigeria within one week?

I stumbled on a set of Igbo guys “thumbs up for my Igbo brodas”. When I got to their warehouse market, it was as if I was in Naija proper. If you see the way these my Igbo brodas were busy packing, binding, bonding and packaging large bags and cartons upon cartons of goods ready for cargo, you will be amazed.

The fact is, when they cargo your goods in China, you don’t have to pay a dime here, you only pay in Nigeria when you are collecting your goods. Isn’t this amazing?? These guys have about 5 pick-up points in Nigeria e.g: Airport Road, Balogun Market, Alaba Int’l, Trade Fair office and Onitsha. No it’s not chrisvicmall or dhl, they are better than that. The contact information you can get from Efe, if you have bought your goods already or if you are in China already and need help with your shipments.

For Forum pals out there who would like to buy Original Samsung Galaxy S4, I was able to get 10pcs Galaxy S4 phones; it comes with an ear phone, screen protector, $45 original Samsung cover (which is sold in computer village), its features include – GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA, Speed 42.2 Mbps; HSUPA, 5.76 Mbps, WLAN, Wi-Fi 802.11, dual-band, DLNA, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth, Infrared port, USB.

I have taken my time to describe the phone because I want to sell them off. This phone sells for about N85-90k at Computer Village but you can pay only N65k and it will be all yours. Fact is, You can easily make N15,000 to N30,000 profit if you decide to sell this phone as well.

I also have 20pcs Android 4.2 based Smart Phones and 10pcs Tablets called Longtron. Features include: ANDROID 4.2, ROM 8GB, RAM 1GB, DUAL CORE, CAMERA 0.3MP/5MP BACK, USB PORT, SCREEN 6.0 IPS, WIRELESS WIFI, RESOLUTION 1024X600, ARM CORTEX-A9 CPU @1.3 GHz, BLUETOOTH, DUAL SIM, etc. All these are going for 65k each.

Lastly, to all the guys in the house – if wearing original leather shoes have been your dream but you could not get one because of how expensive they can be well, this is good news for you. I have 10 beautiful pairs of black and brown leather shoes for just N15k each, 10 solid canvass for N12k each and 10 leather slippers for N10k. You can’t get these qualities at these rates elsewhere.

So, what are you waiting for, be the first to pay and send your payment confirmation to my email address. Account details: UBA Account Number 10013076552. Account Name: Julie Nkanga also copy Efe in the email, you never know the bonuses you’ll get for partaking in this offer.

See you at the next Canton Fair (Oct 2014) in China.

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